In with the old…

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This old beauty just moved in with us. We used to have a little table with two stools in our pretty small kitchen. But ever since Kathleen was born, we never really used it anymore. Not as a table anyways. It became more and more a place to put stuff. You know, bags, mail, flyers… It began to bother me and I thought it would be better to have something there with more storage room, yet small enough to fit in our kitchen. I wasn’t really looking hard, but when I saw this piece of furniture in a little shop during one of my recent trips to the Black Forest, I thought, this is it. Not too big, but still a lot of shelves to put my favorite cups, pots, some cake stands, bread box and more.

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It sure has a few dents and marks, you can tell it had a life before it moved in with us, but I like that. I might give it a fresh coat of paint later on, maybe even something colorful, like mint or peach! But for now, I like it white. What do you think?

Yummy | Bienenstich

This week we had a little going-away gathering at our house for friends that are moving to Berlin. We are going to miss them! But hey, now we have one more good reason to visit Berlin 🙂

I made this cake called „Bienenstich“ and since people asked for the recipe, I figured I would just post it on here. Maybe you’d like to try it, too! It is really super easy and quick to make and it’s very tasty. Since it is a typical German cake – and I’m not sure what „Paradiescreme“ would be in English – I’ll post the recipe in German.

Bienenstich 3



  • 4 Eier
  • 150g Zucker + etwas Zucker für den Guss
  • 1 Pk. Vanillezucker
  • 125g Mehl
  • 2 gestr. Löffel Backpulver
  • 50g gemahlene Mandeln
  • 1 Packung gehobelte Mandeln
  • ca. 25g Butter
  • 2 Becher Schlagsahne
  • 1 Pk. Paradiescreme Vanille

Bienenstich 1

Und so wird’s gemacht:

Eier, Zucker und Vanillezucker schaumig schlagen. Mehl, Backpulver und gemahlene Mandeln vermischen und unter die Ei-Zucker-Masse rühren. Teig in eine eingefettete runde Springform geben. Gehobelte Mandeln auf dem Teig verteilen und mit etwas Zucker bestreuen.

Bei 150 Grad Umluft etwa 30 Minuten lang backen.

Butter schmelzen und auf dem noch heißen Kuchen verteilen. Dann Kuchen abkühlen lassen und anschließend halbieren. Ich mache das vorsichtig mit einem langen Messer, man kann aber wohl auch einen langen Faden nehmen.

Für die Füllung einfach das Paradiescremepulver in die flüssige Sahne geben und kurz mit dem Handrührgerät verrühren. Die Masse wird schnell fest. Auf die untere Kuchenhälfte verteilen und die obere Hälfte wieder drauf. Fertig!

Viel Spaß beim Nachbacken!

I see, you see. | February photo

It seems like I just posted my March goals and we’re already halfway into March. How did that happen?! At least it has been a good month so far and I already crossed off a couple things on this month’s goal list. I finally met my dear friend’s baby! Who really isn’t a baby anymore, he’ll be six months old a week from now. Wow! But it was great to see my friend and that new little family of hers. And we celebrated my Grandpa who turned 91(!) yesterday! It is always so much fun to see him with his great-granddaughter. It is amazing how such a little person can bring so much joy! I hope she always stays the joyful, funny and determined girl that she is.

But now, back to the photo project I told you about here. February’s word was „cozy“ and I had so many ideas and took so many different photos. In the end, I picked this one. My arm was about to fall off taking the photo and it was pretty difficult to focus, but it still turned out to be my favorite.

Cozy (5)

If you’d like to see what my friend Christine came up with this month, you can check out her cozy photo on her blog.

March goals

March (2 von 2) So, here we are. March is here! January and February have the tendency of giving me the blues and this year felt like winter was especially grey. But hey – like every year – spring is coming!! I have fresh tulips in my house all the time, I can see snowdrops and crocuses in our yard and on sunny days like today, I can smell spring and it makes me all giddy! Time to set the monthly goals for March:

  • set dates for vacations (still on the list from February – oops)
  • decide on destination (we are thinking Croatia, or maybe a Greek island – any suggestions?)
  • visit the Black Forest to finally meet my friend’s baby and to celebrate my Grandpa’s 91st (!!) birthday
  • host a good-bye „coffee party“ for friends that are moving away from Wiesbaden
  • take picture for photo project (March word is: „homemade“)
  • have my eyes checked, get new glasses
  • schedule a dentist’s and hair appointment
  • sort through toys, books and clothes and put baby stuff away (our baby is no baby anymore…sigh)
  • plan a trip to Bonn

Let’s do this!